About the Assistant and Junior Physician Working Group


The Medical Pharmacology branch has been providing services in areas such as; teratogenic and toxicological consultancy, pharmacogenetic consultancy, drug interactions and pharmacovigilance services, and clinical drug research; under the roof of internal medicine sciences in Turkey for many years. However, the recognition and visibility of the branch have lagged behind its real value both in the medical community and in the public. In these circumstances, we determined to carry out studies in order to define the needs of the field correctly, to reveal our competencies, and thus to be an effective professional group in accordance with the job descriptions.

In this direction; The TPA Assistant and Young Specialist Working Group (formerly the Medical Specialization Personnel Rights Commission) started its activities in 2020.

Our Mission; is to increase the visibility of Medical Pharmacology specialists in the clinic, determine the job descriptions of specialist physicians, establish contacts with the ministry and other institutions in this regard, improve the personal rights of specialist physicians, to carry out studies to determine the needs in the field for the development of education, to strengthen the communication of residency students among themselves and with TPA.

Our Vision; specialists working effectively and in accordance with the job description in every field in the Ministry of Health or academia or companies, specialization training at national and international standards, and an environment of active solidarity and cooperation among colleagues.

We look forward to the participation and contributions of all colleagues who want to give an active direction to these studies with us, who are in the first 5 years of their specialization, or who are still continuing their specialization training.

For suggestions or opinions, contact us; tfd.aguh@gmail.com